LV8 Labs (pronounced "Elevate") is an innovative collective of highly-experienced "elevators" that share brand, strategy, design, technology and media expertise with some of the world's most pioneering minds in social enterprise and beyond

LV8 Labs has three very distinctive, yet interrelated components:

Growth Accelerator and Incubator for Tech Startups.

Brand Experience Engineering: Connecting Users to Brands Through Conversation and Technologically Charged Immersive Experiences.

An Active Lifestyle Brand for Those in Search of a Higher Purpose.

We elevate brands with purpose to GO HIGHER!

Our Craft

Go Higher!

LV8 Labs is passionate about research, development and testing of optimized business processes + workflows. We take brands to the next level, reaching millions of potential customers and delivering quality products we are proud to put our name to.

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LV8 is dedicated to providing quality CBD products to our customers. We value research of cannabinoids to ensure you always receive the highest quality products.

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